7th International Conference on the Biology of Butterflies

Social Media Policy for ICBB 2014

The 7th International Conference on the Biology of Butterflies considers the dissemination of scientific knowledge to be of paramount importance. As such, we welcome the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Google+, etc.).

Please use the hashtag #ICBB2014 when posting about the conference

Because the abstracts submitted to the conference are publicly available we encourage tweets and posts regarding topics presented and we hope that public discussion and debate will follow. If a speaker does not wish to have have their data discussed then they should make it clear at the begining of their presentation.

If you wish to write a blog post about a speaker's research please seek permission from that speaker before doing so. We also encourage the blogger to confirm details of the story with the presenter to ensure the work is accurately represented.

Please keep discourse civil and do not engage in rude or abusive behavior. The ICBB will not attempt to manage on-line discussions.