7th International Conference on the Biology of Butterflies

Instructions for presenters

Oral presentations

Oral presentations should have their supporting slides in Powerpoint 2010 format (*.pptx) and be brought on a USB memory stick. Slide shows in PDF are also possible. Please name your file with your surname. Computers in the lecture halls have the Windows 2007 platform on them, please take this into account if you have any videos or similar in your presentations. It will NOT be allowed to use your own computer for showing slides, the timetable does not allow for changing hardware in the middle of sessions. Please be considerate to others with this issue, we do not want to have timetables falling apart!

Oral presentations should be uploaded to the computers in the lecture hall where the presentation will be given. The lecture hall is indicated in the abstract book. Uploading presentation files will happen in the morning before 9 am and during the lunch break. Please upload your file well in advance! Carlos Peña will be in charge of uploading files to the computers and will help you ensure that your presentation will work smoothly.

Poster presentations

Poster dimensions can be a maximum of 88 cm wide and 120 cm tall, i.e. A0-sized is ideal printed in portrait orientation. Posters can be put up immediately. Posters are numbered (see abstract book and/or web page) and the corresponding number can be found on the poster boards in the hallway near the lecture halls. Posters can stay up until 18:30 on Thursday August 14.