University of Turku campus

The conference will be held on campus at the University of Turku in the venerable city of Turku. The university is situated very close to the center of the city with easy access by foot or public transport from hotels and hostels in the city. Turku has a small international airport with direct flights from Stockholm and Helsinki (among others) and is easily accessible from the main international airport in Helsinki by bus or train.

The conference will be hosted by the Department of Biology and will take place in the Natural Sciences I building, which has suitable lecture halls as well as convenient lunch facilities. We look forward to an intellectually stimulating and strong conference!

Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Welcome!

Turku Map

Finding your way to Turku from Turku or Helsinki Airport

Turku Airport

Turku Airport is just 15 minutes away from the center of Turku. Bus number 1, with the harbour as its final destination, will take you to the center of Turku just outside the Hotel Hamburger Börs. Buses leave every half hour and tickets cost 3 euros, only cash is accepted. Please note that there are no cash machines or bank services at the Turku Airport, please bring euros with you if you plan on using the bus! A taxi ride to the center of Turku will cost around 20 euros. All taxis accept credit/debit cards.

Helsinki Airport

There is a bus service from Helsinki Airport directly to Turku that leaves once an hour for most of the day (there are periods during the late night that they leave less regularly). You can find information about the timetables and prices here: Express Bus. Tickets cost approximately 30 euros per direction (a small discount is given for a return ticket) and you can either buy them on the internet or directly from the bus. Credit/debit cards are accepted. If you arrive in Terminal 1, the bus stops at platform 3. From Terminal 2, the bus stops at platform 13-14. The bus will have a sign saying TURKU on it. There is a bus change about 20-30 minutes into the ride, make sure you specify that you want the Express bus if there is a choice between Express and Pika when you take the bus (the former is a bit quicker than the latter).

The bus is the most convenient way to get to Turku, but if you would like to visit Helsinki, then it is worth taking the train to Turku. From the airport you can take the Finnair City Bus directly to the center of Helsinki (to the train station), or you can take bus number 615 (which is cheaper, approximately 5 euros, but takes much longer), which also takes you to the train station. At the train station there are trains leaving for Turku every hour on the hour. It is best to buy your ticket online: VR or at the station. Tickets can be bought on the train as well, but they are more expensive. Cards are accepted. For those on a budget it is also possible to use a cheap bus service from downtown Helsinki to Turku: Onnibus. Taxis cost about 50 euros to downtown Helsinki from the airport.