NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Aduse-Poku K. et al. 2009

PDF Aduse-Poku, K., Vingerhoedt, E. & Wahlberg, N. 2009. Out-of-Africa again: a phylogenetic hypothesis of the genus Charaxes (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) based on 5 gene regions. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53: 463-478. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2009.06.021 

  1. Agatasa calydonia NW111-8 See photo
  2. Anaea troglodyta NW152-18 See photo
  3. Anaea troglodyta NW92-2 See photo
  4. Anaeomorpha splendida CP05-41 See photo
  5. Archaeoprepona demophon NW81-9 See photo
  6. Bicyclus anynana EW10-5 See photo
  7. Calinaga buddha NW64-3 See photo
  8. Charaxes blanda ABRI-013
  9. Charaxes smaragdalis UN0798 See photo
  10. Charaxes tiridates KAP098 See photo
  11. Charaxes opinatus ABRI-015
  12. Charaxes turlini ABRI-016
  13. Charaxes pleione KAP100 See photo
  14. Charaxes paphianus KAP108 See photo
  15. Charaxes hildebrandti KAP113 See photo
  16. Charaxes bernardus NW134-10
  17. Charaxes bernardus NW134-11
  18. Charaxes bernardus NW134-12
  19. Charaxes solon NW134-13
  20. Charaxes etheocles KAP147 See photo
  21. Charaxes etesipe KAP149 See photo
  22. Charaxes bohemani UN0504 See photo
  23. Charaxes zingha KAP165 See photo
  24. Charaxes dilutus UN0509 See photo
  25. Charaxes castor NW78-3 See photo
  26. Charaxes bipunctatus KAP222 See photo
  27. Charaxes zelica KAP228 See photo
  28. Charaxes protoclea KAP251 See photo
  29. Charaxes candiope KAP273 See photo
  30. Charaxes ameliae KAP280 See photo
  31. Charaxes anticlea KAP292 See photo
  32. Charaxes etheocles KAP296 See photo
  33. Charaxes fulvescens KAP299 See photo
  34. Charaxes jasius NW147-3 See photo
  35. Charaxes nichetes NW114-14 See photo
  36. Charaxes achaemenes ABRI-018 See photo
  37. Charaxes eudoxus ABRI-019
  38. Charaxes cowani ABRI-020
  39. Charaxes jahlusa ABRI-022 See photo
  40. Charaxes kahldeni ABRI-023
  41. Charaxes zoolina ABRI-024 See photo
  42. Charaxes jahlusa ABRI-025
  43. Charaxes zoolina ABRI-026 See photo
  44. Charaxes acraeoides ABRI-028
  45. Charaxes bohemani ABRI-031 See photo
  46. Charaxes druceanus ABRI-032 See photo
  47. Charaxes nichetes ABRI-034 See photo
  48. Charaxes porthos NW118-11 See photo
  49. Charaxes antamboulou EV-0018 See photo
  50. Charaxes lasti EV-0020 See photo
  51. Charaxes jasius EV-0022 See photo
  52. Charaxes legeri EV-0023 See photo
  53. Charaxes lactetinctus EV-0025 See photo
  54. Charaxes druceanus EV-0028 See photo
  55. Charaxes ansorgei EV-0029 See photo
  56. Charaxes jasius EV-0030 See photo
  57. Charaxes boueti KAP050 See photo
  58. Charaxes cithaeron EV-0032 See photo
  59. Charaxes xiphares EV-0033 See photo
  60. Charaxes ducarmei EV-0034 See photo
  61. Charaxes richelmani EV-0035 See photo
  62. Charaxes mixtus EV-0036 See photo
  63. Charaxes pythodoris EV-0037 See photo
  64. Charaxes bipunctatus KAP290
  65. Charaxes imperialis EV-0038 See photo
  66. Charaxes hadrianus EV-0039 See photo
  67. Charaxes protoclea KAP163
  68. Charaxes penricei EV-0041 See photo
  69. Charaxes cacuthis EV-0042 See photo
  70. Charaxes subornatus EV-0043 See photo
  71. Charaxes montis EV-0044 See photo
  72. Charaxes maccleeryi EV-0048 See photo
  73. Charaxes petersi EV-0049 See photo
  74. Charaxes sidamo EV-0050 See photo
  75. Charaxes aubyni EV-0051 See photo
  76. Charaxes berkeleyi EV-0052 See photo
  77. Charaxes congdoni EV-0053 See photo
  78. Charaxes ethalion EV-0054 See photo
  79. Charaxes kirki EV-0056 See photo
  80. Charaxes guderiana EV-0057 See photo
  81. Charaxes galawadiwosi EV-0058 See photo
  82. Charaxes cynthia NW107-11 See photo
  83. Charaxes eupale NW164-3 See photo
  84. Charaxes howarthi EV-0059 See photo
  85. Charaxes mycerina EV-0062 See photo
  86. Charaxes pembanus EV-0067 See photo
  87. Charaxes etesipe NW164-2
  88. Charaxes northcotti EV-0068 See photo
  89. Charaxes superbus EV-0001 See photo
  90. Charaxes ethalion ABRI-001 See photo
  91. Charaxes lucretius KAP069 See photo
  92. Charaxes nobilis EV-0002 See photo
  93. Charaxes pollux KAP501 See photo
  94. Charaxes ansorgei ABRI-002
  95. Charaxes nobilis EV-0003 See photo
  96. Charaxes smaragdalis KAP502 See photo
  97. Charaxes tavetensis ABRI-003
  98. Charaxes virilis KAP071 See photo
  99. Charaxes fournierae EV-0004 See photo
  100. Charaxes varanes KAP503 See photo
  101. Charaxes nichetes ABRI-004 See photo
  102. Charaxes fournierae EV-0005 See photo
  103. Charaxes candiope KAP504 See photo
  104. Charaxes phenix ABRI-005
  105. Charaxes fournierae EV-0006 See photo
  106. Charaxes achaemenes KAP505 See photo
  107. Charaxes brutus KAP081 See photo
  108. Charaxes acraeoides EV-0007 See photo
  109. Charaxes lycurgus KAP506 See photo
  110. Charaxes plantroui KAP507 See photo
  111. Charaxes baumanni ABRI-008
  112. Charaxes kahldeni EV-0009 See photo
  113. Charaxes virilis KAP508 See photo
  114. Charaxes zoolina EV-0010 See photo
  115. Charaxes numenes KAP509 See photo
  116. Charaxes acuminatus ABRI-010
  117. Charaxes zingha NW133-1 See photo
  118. Charaxes marmax UN0479 See photo
  119. Charaxes mafuga ABRI-012
  120. Coenophlebia archidona CP-M269 See photo
  121. Consul fabius NW109-16 See photo
  122. Euxanthe crossleyi NW103-15 See photo
  123. Euxanthe trajanus FM-15 See photo
  124. Euxanthe tiberius EV-0064 See photo
  125. Euxanthe wakefieldi EV-0065 See photo
  126. Euxanthe madagascariensis EV-0066 See photo
  127. Euxanthe eurinome NW131-10 See photo
  128. Fountainea ryphea NW106-1 See photo
  129. Hypna clytemnestra NW127-11 See photo
  130. Memphis appias NW127-6 See photo
  131. Morpho helenor NW66-5 See photo
  132. Palla violinitens NW123-19 See photo
  133. Palla ussheri NW123-22 See photo
  134. Palla publius NW123-24 See photo
  135. Palla decius NW124-7 See photo
  136. Palla violinitens KAP132
  137. Polygrapha tyrianthina CP06-88 See photo
  138. Polyura moori NW121-24 See photo
  139. Polyura schreiberi NW114-19 See photo
  140. Prepona CP-DNACI142 See photo
  141. Prepona hewitsonius CP-M264 See photo
  142. Prothoe franck NW103-5 See photo
  143. Siderone galanthis NW124-6 See photo
  144. Zaretis CP05-05 See photo