NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Beltrán et al, 2007

PDF Beltrán, M., Jiggins, C.D., Brower A.V.Z., Bermingham, E., & Mallet, J. 2007. Do pollen feeding and pupal-mating have a single origin in Heliconius butterflies? Inferences from multilocus DNA sequence data. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 92(2): 221-239. doi:10.1111/j.1095-8312.2007.00830.x

Voucher photos and collection data was obtained from ButterflyBase website at http://www.butterflybase.org

  1. Dione juno STRI-B-8727 See photo
  2. Dione glycera PE-5-7
  3. Dione moneta Mex-2-1
  4. Eueides aliphera STRI-B-875 See photo
  5. Eueides heliconioides STRI-B-8948
  6. Eueides isabella STRI-B-8740 See photo
  7. Eueides lampeto STRI-B-8750 See photo
  8. Eueides lineata STRI-B-2991 See photo
  9. Eueides lybia STRI-B-8595 See photo
  10. Eueides pavana C-9
  11. Eueides tales STRI-B-2948 See photo
  12. Eueides vibilia STRI-B-320 See photo
  13. Heliconius antiochus P-32-6
  14. Heliconius atthis STRI-B-8127 See photo
  15. Heliconius besckei C-1
  16. Heliconius burneyi STRI-B-8561 See photo
  17. Heliconius clysonymus STRI-B-8024 See photo
  18. Heliconius congener C-19-1
  19. Heliconius demeter STRI-B-8562 See photo
  20. Heliconius doris STRI-B-847 See photo
  21. Heliconius egeria G-31-2
  22. Heliconius eleuchia STRI-B-857 See photo
  23. Heliconius elevatus STRI-B-434 See photo
  24. Heliconius ethilla STRI-B-8014 See photo
  25. Heliconius hecalesia STRI-B-856 See photo
  26. Heliconius hecuba STRI-B-8549 See photo
  27. Heliconius hermathena C-3
  28. Heliconius heurippa STRI-B-40 See photo
  29. Heliconius hewitsoni C-6
  30. Heliconius hierax STRI-B-8147 See photo
  31. Heliconius himera STRI-B-2842
  32. Heliconius hortense MB-9111
  33. Heliconius ismenius STRI-B-666 See photo
  34. Heliconius leucadia RB-119
  35. Heliconius melpomene STRI-B-8158 See photo
  36. Heliconius nattereri C-2
  37. Heliconius numata STRI-B-8130 See photo
  38. Heliconius pachinus STRI-B-8023 See photo
  39. Heliconius pardalinus JM-23-1
  40. Heliconius peruvianus EC-190
  41. Heliconius ricini STRI-B-8197 See photo
  42. Heliconius sapho STRI-B-2739
  43. Heliconius sara STRI-B-850 See photo
  44. Heliconius telesiphe STRI-B-8525 See photo
  45. Heliconius timareta STRI-B-8521 See photo
  46. Heliconius wallacei STRI-B-8212 See photo
  47. Heliconius xanthocles STRI-B-8609 See photo
  48. Heliconius aoede STRI-B-8570 See photo
  49. Heliconius metharme STRI-B-2949 See photo
  50. Philaethria dido STRI-B-690 See photo
  51. Podotricha telesiphe STRI-B-8146 See photo