NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Leneveu, Chichvarkhin & Wahlberg 2009

PDF Leneveu, J., Chichvarkhin, A. & Wahlberg, N. 2009. Varying rates of diversification in the genus Melitaea (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) during the past 20 million years. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 97: 346-361. doi:10.1111/j.1095-8312.2009.01208.x 

  1. Anthanassa texana NW12-6 See photo
  2. Chlosyne acastus NW35-15 See photo
  3. Chlosyne gaudialis NW37-2 See photo
  4. Chlosyne cyneas NW38-17 See photo
  5. Eresia ithomioides NW76-3 See photo
  6. Eresia eunice NW92-5 See photo
  7. Euphydryas phaeton NW13-3 See photo
  8. Euphydryas desfontainii NW70-4 See photo
  9. Higginsius fasciata NW87-1
  10. Janatella leucodesma NW85-16 See photo
  11. Mazia amazonica NW76-6
  12. Melitaea phoebe NW27-11 See photo
  13. Melitaea bellona NW144-10 See photo
  14. Melitaea athalia NW76-14 See photo
  15. Melitaea didymoides NW28-14 See photo
  16. Melitaea avinovi NW122-11 See photo
  17. Melitaea ambigua NW10-1 See photo
  18. Melitaea arcesia NW10-9 See photo
  19. Melitaea diamina NW10-24 See photo
  20. Melitaea cinxia JL3-2 See photo
  21. Melitaea deserticola NW34-12 See photo
  22. Melitaea solona NW113-1 See photo
  23. Melitaea minerva NW113-3 See photo
  24. Melitaea plotina NW113-7 See photo
  25. Melitaea pseudoala NW113-10 See photo
  26. Melitaea menetriesi NW113-12 See photo
  27. Melitaea deserticola JL3-10 See photo
  28. Melitaea sultanensis NW113-13 See photo
  29. Melitaea enarea NW113-15 See photo
  30. Melitaea ambrisia NW139-3 See photo
  31. Melitaea permuta NW139-4 See photo
  32. Melitaea acraeina NW139-5 See photo
  33. Melitaea punica JL3-7 See photo
  34. Melitaea romanovi NW99-9 See photo
  35. Melitaea britomartis NW15-13 See photo
  36. Melitaea phoebe NW15-14 See photo
  37. Melitaea didyma NW99-12 See photo
  38. Melitaea pseudoala AC3-3 See photo
  39. Melitaea diamina NW40-6 See photo
  40. Melitaea cassandra AC3-9 See photo
  41. Melitaea ludmilla AC3-11 See photo
  42. Melitaea fergana AC3-12 See photo
  43. Melitaea interrupta NW17-3 See photo
  44. Melitaea sibina NW140-10 See photo
  45. Melitaea ala AC4-2 See photo
  46. Melitaea wiltshirei NW140-12 See photo
  47. Melitaea elizabethae AC4-7
  48. Melitaea pallas AC4-9 See photo
  49. Melitaea chitralensis AC4-11 See photo
  50. Melitaea latonigena NW19-5 See photo
  51. Melitaea maracandica AC5-1 See photo
  52. Melitaea lunulata AC5-3 See photo
  53. Melitaea sutschana NW19-9 See photo
  54. Melitaea parthenoides JL1-2 See photo
  55. Melitaea telona AC5-11 See photo
  56. Melitaea shandura AC5-16 See photo
  57. Melitaea phoebe AC6-6 See photo
  58. Melitaea didyma AC6-7 See photo
  59. Melitaea leechi NW67-7 See photo
  60. Melitaea nevadensis AC6-14 See photo
  61. Melitaea casta NW85-3
  62. Melitaea gina NW85-4
  63. Melitaea consulis NW85-5
  64. Melitaea collina JL2-7 See photo
  65. Melitaea trivia AC7-3 See photo
  66. Melitaea athene NW15-4
  67. Melitaea deione JL126
  68. Melitaea infernalis NW36-1
  69. Melitaea didyma AC7-8 See photo
  70. Melitaea aetherie NW103-12 See photo
  71. Melitaea aurelia NW23-2
  72. Melitaea arduinna NW23-5
  73. Melitaea trivia NW23-6
  74. Melitaea amoenula NW23-15
  75. Melitaea lutko NW15-3
  76. Melitaea athalia NW24-12 See photo
  77. Melitaea varia NW24-13
  78. Melitaea latonigena NW25-3 See photo
  79. Melitaea didyma NW107-5 See photo
  80. Melitaea cinxia NW73-14 See photo
  81. Melitaea saxatilis NW120-8 See photo
  82. Melitaea persea NW120-11
  83. Melitaea deione NW150-13 See photo
  84. Melitaea chuana NW142-18 See photo
  85. Melitaea asteria NW142-19 See photo
  86. Phyciodes picta NW34-7 See photo
  87. Phyciodes graphica NW67-9
  88. Poladryas arachne NW27-4 See photo
  89. Texola perse NW7-1