NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Müller, C. et al. 2010

Müller, C., Wahlberg, N. & Beheregaray, L. 2010. 'After Africa': the evolutionary history and systematics of the genus Charaxes Ochsenheimer (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in the Indo-Pacific region. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 100: 457-481. doi:10.1111/j.1095-8312.2010.01426.x 

  1. Anaea troglodyta NW152-18 See photo
  2. Archaeoprepona demophon NW81-9 See photo
  3. Calinaga buddha NW64-3 See photo
  4. Charaxes bernardus NW134-10
  5. Charaxes bernardus NW134-11
  6. Charaxes bernardus NW134-12
  7. Charaxes solon NW134-13
  8. Charaxes castor NW78-3 See photo
  9. Charaxes bipunctatus KAP222 See photo
  10. Charaxes protoclea KAP251 See photo
  11. Charaxes jasius NW147-3 See photo
  12. Charaxes nichetes NW114-14 See photo
  13. Charaxes porthos NW118-11 See photo
  14. Charaxes boueti KAP050 See photo
  15. Charaxes cynthia NW107-11 See photo
  16. Charaxes eupale NW164-3 See photo
  17. Charaxes etesipe NW164-2
  18. Charaxes zingha NW133-1 See photo
  19. Euxanthe eurinome NW131-10 See photo
  20. Polyura moori NW121-24 See photo