NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Silva et al. 2008

PDF Silva Brandão, K. L., Wahlberg, N., Francini, R. B., Azeredo-Espin, A. M. L., Brown Jr., K. S., Paluch, M., Lees, D. C. & Freitas, A. V. L. 2008. Phylogenetic relationships of butterflies of the tribe Acraeini (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Heliconiinae) and the evolution of host plant use. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 46: 515-531.

  1. Acraea andromacha NW115-8
  2. Acraea meyeri NW115-10
  3. Acraea quirina NW116-14 See photo
  4. Acraea pseudegina NW116-16 See photo
  5. Acraea circeis GH-096
  6. Acraea zetes NW160-5 See photo
  7. Acraea pseudegina NW160-9 See photo
  8. Acraea camaena NW160-12 See photo
  9. Acraea abdera NW160-13 See photo
  10. Acraea egina NW160-14 See photo
  11. Acraea endoscota NW160-18 See photo
  12. Actinote surima NW136-19
  13. Actinote bonita NW137-24
  14. Actinote pratensis NW125-1
  15. Actinote mamita NW141-8
  16. Actinote alalia AC9
  17. Actinote alalia AC36
  18. Actinote brylla AC4
  19. Actinote canutia AC86
  20. Actinote carycina AC79
  21. Actinote carycina AC88
  22. Actinote conspicua AC1
  23. Actinote conspicua AC10
  24. Actinote dalmeidai AC6
  25. Actinote dalmeidai AC12
  26. Actinote discrepans AC7
  27. Actinote genitrix AC65
  28. Actinote genitrix AC66
  29. Actinote mamita AC35
  30. Actinote melanisans AC84
  31. Actinote morio AC92
  32. Actinote morio AC93
  33. Actinote parapheles AC3
  34. Actinote parapheles AC23
  35. Actinote pellenea AC68
  36. Actinote pellenea AC69
  37. Actinote pellenea AC47
  38. Actinote pellenea AC71
  39. Actinote pellenea AC67
  40. Actinote pellenea AC40
  41. Actinote pellenea AC75
  42. Actinote pellenea AC5
  43. Actinote pellenea AC37
  44. Actinote guatemalena NW155-1 See photo
  45. Actinote pellenea AC74
  46. Actinote pyrrha AC72
  47. Actinote pyrrha AC73
  48. Actinote pyrrha AC94
  49. Actinote pyrrha AC20
  50. Actinote quadra AC80
  51. Actinote rhodope AC8
  52. Actinote surima AC48
  53. Actinote surima AC85
  54. Actinote surima AC89
  55. Actinote thalia AC13
  56. Actinote thalia AC14
  57. Actinote thalia AC17
  58. Actinote thalia AC43
  59. Actinote zikani AC83
  60. Actinote sp1 AC77
  61. Actinote sp1 AC90
  62. Actinote sp2 AC95
  63. Actinote alcione AC28
  64. Actinote dicaeus E-51-18
  65. Actinote dicaeus AC25
  66. Actinote dicaeus AC58
  67. Actinote dicaeus C-17-3
  68. Actinote eresia AC87
  69. Actinote momina RV-03-V240
  70. Actinote negra AC45
  71. Actinote negra AC46
  72. Actinote negra AC64
  73. Actinote neleus AC16
  74. Actinote rubrocellulata AC76
  75. Actinote radiata NW90-12 See photo
  76. Actinote tenebrosa NW90-15 See photo
  77. Bematistes epaea NW146-16 See photo
  78. Bematistes alcinoe NW116-19 See photo
  79. Bematistes macaria NW160-7 See photo
  80. Bematistes vestalis NW160-11 See photo
  81. Bematistes umbra NW160-17 See photo
  82. Cethosia cydippe NW137-4 See photo
  83. Cethosia penthesilea NW118-13 See photo
  84. Cethosia myrina NW106-8
  85. Pardopsis punctatissima NW154-2 See photo
  86. Telchinia issoria NW108-22 See photo
  87. Telchinia pharsalus NW146-2 See photo
  88. Telchinia alciope NW146-3 See photo
  89. Telchinia lycoa NW146-7 See photo
  90. Telchinia parrhasia NW146-10 See photo
  91. Telchinia acerata NW81-6 See photo
  92. Telchinia serena NW146-11 See photo
  93. Telchinia jodutta NW146-12 See photo
  94. Telchinia peneleos NW146-14 See photo
  95. Telchinia perenna NW159-3 See photo
  96. Telchinia polis NW116-10 See photo
  97. Telchinia parrhasia NW116-11 See photo
  98. Telchinia johnstoni NW116-18 See photo
  99. Telchinia igola JP22
  100. Telchinia oberthueri JP35
  101. Telchinia acerata NW160-6 See photo
  102. Telchinia encedana NW160-8 See photo
  103. Telchinia perenna NW160-10 See photo
  104. Telchinia bonasia NW160-15 See photo
  105. Telchinia vesperalis NW160-16 See photo
  106. Telchinia rahira NW107-13 See photo