NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Simonsen et al. 2006

PDF Simonsen, T. J., Wahlberg, N., Brower, A. V. Z. & de Jong, R. 2006. Morphology, molecules and Fritillaries: approaching a stable phylogeny for Argynnini (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Insect Systematics and Evolution 37: 405-418. doi:10.1163/187631206788831407 

  1. Agraulis vanillae TS-24 See photo
  2. Argynnis paphia NW76-12 See photo
  3. Argynnis aglaja NW76-15 See photo
  4. Argynnis childreni NW112-17 See photo
  5. Argynnis hyperbius TS-7 See photo
  6. Argynnis sagana TS-8 See photo
  7. Argynnis anadyomene TS-9 See photo
  8. Argynnis ruslana TS-10 See photo
  9. Argynnis adippe TS-13 See photo
  10. Argynnis laodice NW104-15 See photo
  11. Argynnis pandora NW105-1 See photo
  12. Argynnis cybele NW118-21 See photo
  13. Argynnis kamala NW131-1 See photo
  14. Boloria selene NW76-13 See photo
  15. Boloria selene TS-6 See photo
  16. Boloria eunomia TS-11 See photo
  17. Boloria aquilonaris TS-19
  18. Boloria pales TS-20 See photo
  19. Brenthis ino NW95-1 See photo
  20. Brenthis daphne TS-12 See photo
  21. Brenthis hecate NW131-2 See photo
  22. Cethosia cyane NW100-12 See photo
  23. Euptoieta claudia NW94-15 See photo
  24. Euptoieta hegesia NW127-22 See photo
  25. Issoria hanningtoni NW135-2 See photo
  26. Issoria smaragdifera NW135-3 See photo
  27. Issoria lathonia NW118-22 See photo
  28. Issoria eugenia NW131-4 See photo
  29. Yramea cytheris CH-10B-4