NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg, N. & Rubinoff, D., 2011

Wahlberg, N., & Rubinoff, D. 2011. Vagility across Vanessa (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae): mobility in butterfly species does not inhibit the formation and persistence of isolated sister taxa. Systematic Entomology, 36(2), 362-370. doi:10.1111/j.1365-3113.2010.00566.x 

  1. Aglais urticae NW63-3 See photo
  2. Antanartia delius NW82-4 See photo
  3. Antanartia schaeneia NW90-4
  4. Araschnia levana NW138-12 See photo
  5. Hypanartia paullus NW152-5 See photo
  6. Hypanartia lethe NW36-6 See photo
  7. Hypanartia bella NW63-17
  8. Hypanartia lindigii NW63-18
  9. Hypanartia kefersteini NW89-6 See photo
  10. Hypanartia charon NW89-11 See photo
  11. Hypanartia dione NW89-13 See photo
  12. Kaniska canace EW19-11 See photo
  13. Mynes geoffroyi NW63-20
  14. Nymphalis polychloros NW62-2 See photo
  15. Polygonia c-album NW70-3 See photo
  16. Symbrenthia lilaea NW97-3 See photo
  17. Vanessa atalanta jlr8
  18. Vanessa atalanta jlr14
  19. Vanessa cardui jlr5
  20. Vanessa tameamea jlr4
  21. Vanessa tameamea jlr6
  22. Vanessa virginiensis jlr7
  23. Vanessa virginiensis jlr9
  24. Vanessa cardui JL5-15 See photo
  25. Vanessa atalanta NW76-11 See photo
  26. Vanessa kershawi NW77-1 See photo
  27. Vanessa kershawi NW77-2 See photo
  28. Vanessa kershawi NW77-3 See photo
  29. Vanessa vulcania NW77-13 See photo
  30. Vanessa virginiensis NW77-16 See photo
  31. Vanessa virginiensis NW153-13 See photo
  32. Vanessa itea NW112-18 See photo
  33. Vanessa dejeanii NW80-10 See photo
  34. Vanessa buana NW156-11 See photo
  35. Vanessa buana NW80-14 See photo
  36. Vanessa samani NW80-15 See photo
  37. Vanessa indica NW81-3 See photo
  38. Vanessa myrinna NW36-5 See photo
  39. Vanessa gonerilla NW63-4
  40. Vanessa cardui NW99-6 See photo
  41. Vanessa cardui NW63-6 See photo
  42. Vanessa indica NW63-9 See photo
  43. Vanessa carye NW139-9 See photo
  44. Vanessa itea NW63-14
  45. Vanessa atalanta NW63-21 See photo
  46. Vanessa terpsichore NW115-9
  47. Vanessa indica NW101-7 See photo
  48. Vanessa altissima NW141-5
  49. Vanessa atalanta NW83-14
  50. Vanessa atalanta NW83-15
  51. Vanessa atalanta NW83-16
  52. Vanessa cardui NW84-6 See photo
  53. Vanessa kershawi NW84-8 See photo
  54. Vanessa kershawi NW84-9 See photo
  55. Vanessa atalanta NW84-10
  56. Vanessa atalanta NW84-11
  57. Vanessa abyssinica NW86-7
  58. Vanessa cardui NW86-13
  59. Vanessa braziliensis NW128-20 See photo
  60. Vanessa hippomene NW171-2
  61. Vanessa dimorphica NW171-3
  62. Vanessa braziliensis NW89-4 See photo
  63. Vanessa braziliensis NW89-7 See photo
  64. Vanessa atalanta JL15-01 See photo
  65. Vanessa braziliensis NW89-8 See photo
  66. Vanessa braziliensis NW89-10 See photo
  67. Vanessa abyssinica NW90-1
  68. Vanessa abyssinica NW90-2
  69. Vanessa annabella NW74-1
  70. Vanessa virginiensis NW74-3
  71. Vanessa annabella NW74-4 See photo
  72. Vanessa cardui NW74-7 See photo
  73. Vanessa atalanta NW74-16 See photo