NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg, N. & Zimmermann, M. 2000

PDF Wahlberg, N. & Zimmermann, M. 2000. Pattern of phylogenetic relationships among members of the tribe Melitaeini (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) inferred from mtDNA sequences. Cladistics 16: 347-363. doi:10.1006/clad.2000.0136 

  1. Anthanassa tulcis NW34-8 See photo
  2. Anthanassa texana NW12-6 See photo
  3. Anthanassa tulcis NW22-1
  4. Anthanassa ardys NW22-4 See photo
  5. Anthanassa otanes NW24-4 See photo
  6. Asterocampa leilia NW27-12 See photo
  7. Castilia ofella NW38-4 See photo
  8. Castilia perilla NW38-9 See photo
  9. Castilia eranites NW24-3
  10. Castilia myia NW24-5
  11. Chlosyne californica NW27-9 See photo
  12. Chlosyne fulvia NW27-10 See photo
  13. Chlosyne janais NW30-1 See photo
  14. Chlosyne lacinia NW32-2 See photo
  15. Chlosyne gorgone NW34-4 See photo
  16. Chlosyne nycteis NW34-5 See photo
  17. Chlosyne harrisii NW35-10 See photo
  18. Chlosyne acastus NW35-15 See photo
  19. Chlosyne gaudialis NW37-2 See photo
  20. Chlosyne narva NW37-3
  21. Chlosyne cyneas NW38-17 See photo
  22. Chlosyne palla NW20-4 See photo
  23. Chlosyne leanira NW27-1 See photo
  24. Chlosyne acastus NW27-2 See photo
  25. Chlosyne theona NW27-6 See photo
  26. Dymasia dymas NW27-7 See photo
  27. Eresia clio NW38-1 See photo
  28. Eresia eunice NW38-3 See photo
  29. Eresia pelonia NW38-7 See photo
  30. Euphydryas maturna NW1-8
  31. Euphydryas iduna NW28-1
  32. Euphydryas editha NW5-8
  33. Euphydryas cynthia NW6-2
  34. Euphydryas intermedia NW6-3
  35. Euphydryas aurinia NW6-4
  36. Euphydryas desfontainii NW6-5
  37. Euphydryas anicia NW11-7 See photo
  38. Euphydryas phaeton NW13-3 See photo
  39. Euphydryas chalcedona NW14-4 See photo
  40. Euphydryas anicia NW23-16
  41. Euphydryas gillettii NW24-6 See photo
  42. Hypanartia lethe NW36-6 See photo
  43. Hypolimnas bolina NW29-5
  44. Melitaea phoebe NW27-11 See photo
  45. Melitaea nevadensis NW1-4
  46. Melitaea didyma NW1-7
  47. Melitaea parthenoides NW3-4
  48. Melitaea athalia NW5-5
  49. Melitaea ambigua NW10-1 See photo
  50. Melitaea arcesia NW10-9 See photo
  51. Melitaea diamina NW10-24 See photo
  52. Melitaea persea NW34-10
  53. Melitaea telona NW34-11 See photo
  54. Melitaea deserticola NW34-12 See photo
  55. Melitaea britomartis NW15-13 See photo
  56. Melitaea phoebe NW15-14 See photo
  57. Melitaea interrupta NW17-3 See photo
  58. Melitaea sutschana NW19-9 See photo
  59. Melitaea centralasiae NW19-15 See photo
  60. Melitaea aurelia NW23-2
  61. Melitaea arduinna NW23-5
  62. Melitaea trivia NW23-6
  63. Melitaea cinxia NW23-13
  64. Melitaea amoenula NW23-15
  65. Melitaea varia NW24-13
  66. Melitaea latonigena NW25-3 See photo
  67. Melitaea didymoides NW26-1 See photo
  68. Phyciodes tharos NW34-2 See photo
  69. Phyciodes pallida NW34-6 See photo
  70. Phyciodes picta NW34-7 See photo
  71. Phyciodes cocyta NW11-4 See photo
  72. Phyciodes batesii NW35-4 See photo
  73. Phyciodes mylitta NW11-10 See photo
  74. Phyciodes phaon NW35-11 See photo
  75. Phyciodes orseis NW37-1
  76. Phyciodes pulchella NW27-5 See photo
  77. Poladryas arachne NW27-4 See photo
  78. Tegosa anieta NW22-2
  79. Telenassa teletusa NW38-5 See photo
  80. Texola perse NW27-16 See photo