NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg, N., Weingartner, E. & Nylin, S. 2003

PDF Wahlberg, N., Weingartner, E. & Nylin, S. 2003. Towards a better understanding of the higher systematics of Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 28: 473-484. doi:10.1016/S1055-7903(03)00052-6 

  1. Actinote stratonice NW90-14 See photo
  2. Amauris ellioti NW86-5
  3. Amnosia decora NW101-1 See photo
  4. Antanartia delius NW65-5
  5. Apatura iris NW69-6 See photo
  6. Archaeoprepona demophon NW81-9 See photo
  7. Argynnis paphia NW76-12 See photo
  8. Ariadne enotrea NW82-10 See photo
  9. Asterocampa leilia NW82-15 See photo
  10. Boloria selene NW76-13 See photo
  11. Caligo telamonius NW70-10 See photo
  12. Calinaga buddha NW64-3 See photo
  13. Catonephele numilia NW62-5 See photo
  14. Charaxes castor NW78-3 See photo
  15. Chlosyne lacinia NW62-4 See photo
  16. Colobura dirce NW68-11 See photo
  17. Cyrestis thyodamas NW100-11 See photo
  18. Euphaedra herberti NW95-16 See photo
  19. Euphydryas desfontainii NW70-4 See photo
  20. Euploea camaralzeman NW70-8 See photo
  21. Eurytela dryope NW82-6 See photo
  22. Greta oto NW70-9 See photo
  23. Hamadryas februa NW62-3 See photo
  24. Heliconius hecale NW70-6 See photo
  25. Hypolimnas bolina NW62-6 See photo
  26. Junonia iphita NW68-17 See photo
  27. Kallima paralekta NW62-8 See photo
  28. Libythea celtis NW71-1 See photo
  29. Limenitis reducta NW67-2 See photo
  30. Melanitis leda NW66-6 See photo
  31. Melitaea didymoides NW26-1 See photo
  32. Morpho helenor NW66-5 See photo
  33. Nica flavilla NW85-11 See photo
  34. Nymphalis antiopa NW70-2 See photo
  35. Parthenos sylvia NW70-7 See photo
  36. Phyciodes cocyta NW11-4 See photo
  37. Polygonia c-album NW70-3 See photo
  38. Protogoniomorpha anacardii NW73-15 See photo
  39. Sevenia boisduvali NW88-15 See photo
  40. Siproeta stelenes NW69-5 See photo
  41. Stibochiona nicea NW100-10 See photo
  42. Stichophthalma howqua NW97-7 See photo
  43. Timelaea albescens NW97-8 See photo
  44. Vagrans egista NW71-8 See photo
  45. Vanessa atalanta NW63-21 See photo
  46. Vindula arsinoe NW69-4 See photo