NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg, N. & Nylin, S. 2003

PDF Wahlberg, N., & Nylin, S. 2003. Morphology versus molecules: resolution of the positions of Nymphalis, Polygonia and related genera (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Cladistics 19: 213-223. doi:10.1016/S0748-3007(03)00027-6 

  1. Aglais milberti NW77-14 See photo
  2. Aglais urticae NW63-3 See photo
  3. Aglais io NW63-16 See photo
  4. Antanartia delius NW65-5
  5. Araschnia levana NW39-2
  6. Argynnis paphia NW76-12 See photo
  7. Hypanartia lindigii NW63-18
  8. Junonia coenia NW85-13 See photo
  9. Mynes geoffroyi NW63-20
  10. Nymphalis j-album NW78-1 See photo
  11. Nymphalis polychloros NW62-2 See photo
  12. Nymphalis xanthomelas NW84-1 See photo
  13. Nymphalis antiopa NW70-2 See photo
  14. Nymphalis californica NW74-14 See photo
  15. Polygonia interrogationis NW77-12 See photo
  16. Polygonia egea NW77-15 See photo
  17. Polygonia progne NW63-10
  18. Polygonia comma NW65-6 See photo
  19. Polygonia c-aureum NW65-8 See photo
  20. Polygonia c-album NW70-3 See photo
  21. Polygonia zephyrus NW74-5 See photo
  22. Polygonia satyrus NW74-9 See photo
  23. Polygonia faunus NW74-12 See photo
  24. Symbrenthia hypatia NW65-2
  25. Vanessa virginiensis NW77-16 See photo
  26. Vanessa gonerilla NW63-4
  27. Vanessa cardui NW63-6 See photo
  28. Vanessa atalanta NW63-21 See photo