NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg et al. 2005

PDF Wahlberg, N., M. F. Braby, A. V. Z. Brower, R. de Jong, M.-M. Lee, S. Nylin, N. Pierce, F. A. Sperling, R. Vila, A. D. Warren, & E. Zakharov. 2005. Synergistic effects of combining morphological and molecular data in resolving the phylogeny of butterflies and skippers. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B Biological Sciences 272: 1577-1586. doi:10.1098/rspb.2005.3124 

  1. Actinote stratonice NW90-14 See photo
  2. Amathusia phidippus NW114-17 See photo
  3. Apatura iris NW69-6 See photo
  4. Archiearis parthenias NW107-1 See photo
  5. Argynnis paphia NW76-12 See photo
  6. Baliochila minima SP-93-P006
  7. Baronia brevicornis FS.a-167 See photo
  8. Biblis hyperia NW106-3 See photo
  9. Calinaga buddha NW64-3 See photo
  10. Callipsyche behrii AS-92-Z034
  11. Charaxes castor NW78-3 See photo
  12. Colias eurytheme FS.b-543 See photo
  13. Colobura dirce NW68-11 See photo
  14. Curetis bulis MWT-93-A028
  15. Danaus plexippus NW108-21 See photo
  16. Delias belladonna DL-01-N104
  17. Dismorphia zathoe MFB-00-P231
  18. Emesis nr mandana PDV-94-T022
  19. Eurema hecabe MFB-00-P036
  20. Euselasia nr orfita PDV-94-A022
  21. Graphium agamemnon FS.b-900 See photo
  22. Hamearis lucina NW84-13 See photo
  23. Hasora khoda AW97
  24. Heliconius hecale NW70-6 See photo
  25. Libythea celtis NW71-1 See photo
  26. Limenitis reducta NW67-2 See photo
  27. Liphyra brassolis KD-94-T063
  28. Lucia limbaria KD-94-Q002
  29. Lycaena helloides NP-99-W131
  30. Macrosoma heliconiaria FS.b-983 See photo
  31. Marpesia orsilochus NW115-6
  32. Melitaea cinxia NW73-14 See photo
  33. Miletus ancon KF-94-P022
  34. Morpho helenor NW66-5 See photo
  35. Mysoria ambigua AW138
  36. Nymphalis antiopa NW70-2 See photo
  37. Ochlodes sylvanoides AW50
  38. Opsiphanes quiteria NW109-10 See photo
  39. Papilio machaon FS.a-27
  40. Parnassius phoebus FS.a-8 See photo
  41. Pieris marginalis FS.b-943
  42. Poritia erycinoides MWT-93-B007
  43. Pseudopontia paradoxa SC-01-T380
  44. Pyrgus communis FS.b-901 See photo
  45. Riodina lysippus PDV-94-A050
  46. Styx infernalis GL-02-N259
  47. Thecla coelicolor DY-93-G038
  48. Trapezites symmomus AW89
  49. Troides helena FS.b-974
  50. Urania leilus NW96-7 See photo
  51. Urbanus dorantes AW280