NSG - Nymphalidae Systematics Group

Species used in Wahlberg, N., Brower, A. V. Z. & Nylin, S. 2005

PDF Wahlberg, N., Brower, A. V. Z. & Nylin, S. 2005. Phylogenetic relationships and historical biogeography of tribes and genera in the subfamily Nymphalinae (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 86:227-251. doi:10.1111/j.1095-8312.2005.00531.x 

  1. Adelpha californica NW107-16 See photo
  2. Aglais milberti NW77-14 See photo
  3. Aglais urticae NW63-3 See photo
  4. Aglais io NW63-16 See photo
  5. Amnosia decora NW101-1 See photo
  6. Anartia jatrophae NW36-3 See photo
  7. Anartia fatima NW66-3 See photo
  8. Anartia amathea NW68-5 See photo
  9. Antanartia delius NW82-4 See photo
  10. Antanartia delius NW65-5
  11. Anthanassa drusilla NW76-7 See photo
  12. Anthanassa texana NW12-6 See photo
  13. Anthanassa ardys NW22-4 See photo
  14. Anthanassa tulcis NW104-12 See photo
  15. Anthanassa otanes NW24-4 See photo
  16. Apatura iris NW69-6 See photo
  17. Araschnia levana NW39-2
  18. Ariadne enotrea NW82-10 See photo
  19. Asterocampa leilia NW82-15 See photo
  20. Baeotus deucalion NW130-13 See photo
  21. Baeotus aeilus NW130-14 See photo
  22. Baeotus beotus NW130-15 See photo
  23. Baeotus japetus NW130-16 See photo
  24. Byblia anvatara NW88-14 See photo
  25. Castilia eranites NW76-2 See photo
  26. Castilia ofella NW105-3 See photo
  27. Catacroptera cloanthe NW88-1 See photo
  28. Catonephele numilia NW62-5 See photo
  29. Chersonesia rahria NW111-3 See photo
  30. Chitoria ulupi NW97-11 See photo
  31. Chlosyne gorgone NW34-4 See photo
  32. Chlosyne nycteis NW34-5 See photo
  33. Chlosyne harrisii NW35-10 See photo
  34. Chlosyne acastus NW35-15 See photo
  35. Chlosyne janais NW62-1 See photo
  36. Chlosyne lacinia NW62-4 See photo
  37. Chlosyne gaudialis NW37-2 See photo
  38. Chlosyne narva NW37-3
  39. Chlosyne cyneas NW38-17 See photo
  40. Chlosyne palla NW20-4 See photo
  41. Chlosyne theona NW27-6 See photo
  42. Colobura dirce NW68-11 See photo
  43. Cyrestis thyodamas NW100-11 See photo
  44. Dichorragia nesimachus NW111-10 See photo
  45. Doleschallia bisaltide NW64-5 See photo
  46. Dymasia dymas NW27-7 See photo
  47. Dynamine athemon NW115-5
  48. Eresia ithomioides NW76-3 See photo
  49. Eresia clio NW76-5 See photo
  50. Eresia sestia NW76-8 See photo
  51. Eresia emerantia NW104-3 See photo
  52. Eresia letitia NW91-9 See photo
  53. Eresia eunice NW92-5 See photo
  54. Eresia pelonia NW108-11 See photo
  55. Euphydryas editha NW5-8
  56. Euphydryas aurinia NW6-4
  57. Euphydryas phaeton NW13-3 See photo
  58. Euphydryas chalcedona NW14-4 See photo
  59. Euphydryas desfontainii NW70-4 See photo
  60. Euphydryas gillettii NW24-6 See photo
  61. Eurytela dryope NW82-6 See photo
  62. Gnathotriche exclamationis NW89-9 See photo
  63. Hamadryas februa NW62-3 See photo
  64. Heliconius hecale NW70-6 See photo
  65. Higginsius fasciata NW87-1
  66. Historis odius NW81-7 See photo
  67. Historis acheronta NW87-4
  68. Hypanartia lethe NW36-6 See photo
  69. Hypanartia bella NW63-17
  70. Hypanartia lindigii NW63-18
  71. Hypanartia kefersteini NW89-6 See photo
  72. Hypanartia charon NW89-11 See photo
  73. Hypolimnas pandarus NW80-11 See photo
  74. Hypolimnas alimena NW81-1 See photo
  75. Hypolimnas bolina NW62-6 See photo
  76. Hypolimnas usumbara NW66-4
  77. Hypolimnas misippus NW68-3 See photo
  78. Hypolimnas anthedon NW68-8 See photo
  79. Janatella leucodesma NW85-16 See photo
  80. Junonia touhilimasa NW95-15 See photo
  81. Junonia cytora NW123-23 See photo
  82. Junonia hedonia NW81-2 See photo
  83. Junonia cymodoce NW114-8 See photo
  84. Junonia artaxia NW114-11 See photo
  85. Junonia sophia NW83-10 See photo
  86. Junonia oenone NW68-1 See photo
  87. Junonia coenia NW85-13 See photo
  88. Junonia natalica NW68-13 See photo
  89. Junonia terea NW68-15 See photo
  90. Junonia iphita NW68-17 See photo
  91. Kallima paralekta NW62-8 See photo
  92. Kallima inachus NW85-15
  93. Kallimoides rumia NW96-8 See photo
  94. Mallika jacksoni NW122-6
  95. Marpesia chiron NW115-4
  96. Marpesia orsilochus NW115-6
  97. Mazia amazonica NW76-6
  98. Melitaea phoebe NW27-11 See photo
  99. Melitaea deione NW95-5 See photo
  100. Melitaea persea NW34-10
  101. Melitaea telona NW34-11 See photo
  102. Melitaea arduinna NW23-5
  103. Melitaea trivia NW23-6
  104. Melitaea britomartis NW69-8 See photo
  105. Melitaea varia NW24-13
  106. Melitaea latonigena NW25-3 See photo
  107. Melitaea didymoides NW26-1 See photo
  108. Melitaea cinxia NW73-14 See photo
  109. Mesoxantha ethosea NW83-5 See photo
  110. Metamorpha elissa NW87-2
  111. Microtia elva NW61-1 See photo
  112. Mimathyma schrenckii NW84-7 See photo
  113. Mynes geoffroyi NW63-20
  114. Myscelia capenas NW109-4 See photo
  115. Napeocles jucunda NW85-1 See photo
  116. Nica flavilla NW85-11 See photo
  117. Nymphalis j-album NW78-1 See photo
  118. Nymphalis polychloros NW62-2 See photo
  119. Nymphalis xanthomelas NW84-1 See photo
  120. Nymphalis antiopa NW70-2 See photo
  121. Nymphalis californica NW74-14 See photo
  122. Panacea regina NW109-8 See photo
  123. Paulogramma tolima NW119-3 See photo
  124. Phyciodes tharos NW34-2 See photo
  125. Phyciodes pallida NW34-6 See photo
  126. Phyciodes picta NW34-7 See photo
  127. Phyciodes cocyta NW11-4 See photo
  128. Phyciodes mylitta NW11-10 See photo
  129. Phyciodes phaon NW35-11 See photo
  130. Phyciodes pallescens NW64-2 See photo
  131. Phyciodes orseis NW67-3 See photo
  132. Phyciodes graphica NW67-9
  133. Phyciodes pulchella NW67-14 See photo
  134. Phyciodes batesii NW72-4 See photo
  135. Poladryas arachne NW27-4 See photo
  136. Polygonia interrogationis NW77-12 See photo
  137. Polygonia egea NW77-15 See photo
  138. Polygonia haroldi NW112-3 See photo
  139. Polygonia comma NW65-6 See photo
  140. Polygonia c-aureum NW65-8 See photo
  141. Polygonia c-album NW70-3 See photo
  142. Polygonia zephyrus NW74-6 See photo
  143. Polygonia satyrus NW74-9 See photo
  144. Polygonia oreas NW74-10 See photo
  145. Polygonia faunus NW74-12 See photo
  146. Precis andremiaja NW111-6 See photo
  147. Precis tugela NW114-15 See photo
  148. Precis sinuata NW83-1 See photo
  149. Precis cuama NW83-13 See photo
  150. Precis octavia NW68-9 See photo
  151. Precis ceryne NW88-3 See photo
  152. Precis antilope NW88-4 See photo
  153. Precis archesia NW88-6 See photo
  154. Protogoniomorpha parhassus NW82-7 See photo
  155. Protogoniomorpha anacardii NW73-15 See photo
  156. Pseudergolis wedah NW118-1
  157. Rhinopalpa polynice NW81-5 See photo
  158. Salamis anteva NW111-9 See photo
  159. Salamis cacta NW82-3 See photo
  160. Sevenia boisduvali NW88-15 See photo
  161. Siproeta epaphus NW64-7 See photo
  162. Siproeta stelenes NW69-5 See photo
  163. Smyrna blomfildia NW85-2
  164. Stibochiona nicea NW100-10 See photo
  165. Symbrenthia lilaea NW97-3 See photo
  166. Symbrenthia brabira NW97-5 See photo
  167. Symbrenthia hypatia NW65-2
  168. Tegosa tissoides NW76-4 See photo
  169. Tegosa nr.anieta NW91-11 See photo
  170. Telenassa delphia NW91-6 See photo
  171. Texola perse NW7-1
  172. Tigridia acesta NW87-3
  173. Timelaea albescens NW97-8 See photo
  174. Vanessa kershawi NW77-3 See photo
  175. Vanessa virginiensis NW77-16 See photo
  176. Vanessa myrinna NW36-5 See photo
  177. Vanessa gonerilla NW63-4
  178. Vanessa cardui NW63-6 See photo
  179. Vanessa indica NW63-9 See photo
  180. Vanessa itea NW63-14
  181. Vanessa atalanta NW63-21 See photo
  182. Vanessa abyssinica NW86-7
  183. Vanessa braziliensis NW89-4 See photo
  184. Vanessa annabella NW74-4 See photo
  185. Vanessula milca NW96-5 See photo
  186. Yoma sabina NW80-13 See photo