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Pável Matos-Maraví, Ph.D. student

I am a student at the Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences and I am interested in ecological and evolutionary genetics, mainly in molecular systematics, historical biogeography and phylogeography of tropical butterflies and ants.

I worked in the Nymphalidae Systematics Group under supervision of Niklas Wahlberg, and completed my M.Sc. studies at the University of Turku, Finland, in December 2010 (see my thesis). I am working on a number of projects aiming to elucidate the historical biogeography and patterns of diversification in the species-rich butterfly subfamily Satyrinae (Family Nymphalidae) using molecular data and phylogenetic methods. These butterflies are a great study system because there is evidence of disparate diversification rates among lineages as well as interesting biogeographic patterns across some of the clades in the phylogeny of the group.

Currently, I am also working on my PhD projects at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, aiming to understand the origin and maintenance of ant diversity in the Indo-Pacific. This region consists mostly of insular landscapes with a very dynamic geological history, which left unique and interesting evolutionary and ecological signatures. I use molecular methods, such as Sanger and Next Generation sequencing along with ecological and biogeographical data to study the evolution of ant communities at genus, species and population levels.

last update, September 2013

Research Interests

  1. Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics

  2. Molecular Systematics

  3. Historical biogeography

  4. Phylogenomics

  5. Phylogeography

  6. Conservation Genetics

In the media

Interview by the academic news web portal Corresponsales.pe (in spanish).