What is the Taxonomic Database?

The NSG voucher specimen database was created and is maintained by Carlos Peña.

This database provides the basic taxonomic nomenclature for Nymphalidae butterflies. You will find detailed information on all Nymphalidae species such as: original name combination for described species, list of synonyms and homonyms, list of georeferenced collection localities, and links to relevant taxonomic literature.

This database was created as very simple way of keeping track of the ever changing butterfly taxonomy.

All this information is available to you free of charge. If you think our NSG databases are useful and you happen to use it for your work, it would be great if you cite us as a source!

Nymphalidae Systematics Group. 2008. A taxonomic database of Nymphalidae butterflies. Version 01. http://www.nymphalidae.net/taxon_db

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