Nymphalidae classification

Niklas Wahlberg

Polygonia c-album larva The classification of Nymphalidae has been very unstable until recently, mainly due to the poor state of knowledge of the phylogenetic relationships of taxa in the group. However, since the classification by Harvey in 1991, the classification of the family has stabilised. These pages show the latest higher classification of Nymphalidae, which is based on phylogenetic information. There are links to species-level classifications from the higher level classification, but these are not necessarily up-to-date. There are about 6300 species placed in approximately 540 genera (current count given below), but the total number of names associated with taxa belonging to Nymphalidae is probably around 20,000. Keeping track of what name belongs to which taxon is a time consuming job and would be better taken care of using information technology and databases.

The static classification shown on these pages are based on three major sources

In addition, various taxa are updated based on the latest taxonomic revision, with sources given on the relevant pages.

Here you can find:

Current numbers of taxa (2023-04-23):