Afternoon sessions

General butterfly biology

Organized by

Niklas Wahlberg and Carlos Peña

This afternoon session will bring together diverse topics which do not directly fit within the other afternoon sessions. Any aspects of butterfly biology will be welcome.

Oral presentations

Only presenting author shown

What is the Mitchell's satyr butterfly? Contemporary approaches to an old question
Christopher Hamm

Leptidea Wood White butterflies as an emerging model to study speciation
Vlad Dincă

The assessment of macroecological patterns in butterfly-hostplant associations at a global scale
José R. Ferrer-Paris

A positive relationship between host plant nitrogen content and size of butterflies and moths enhances the observed opposite population trends of species
Juha Pöyry

The Rhythm of Africa: dynamics of a fruit-feeding butterfly community
Freerk Molleman

Back to basics: The role of systematics in conservation assessments of butterflies in the Neotropics
Blanca Huertas

Biodiversity loss in the Maltese islands hits relictual species
Raluca Voda

The gradation from capital to income breeding as an informative way to ordinate lepidopteran life histories
Toomas Tammaru